Send GRE Scores: How To Send GRE Scores To Universities

How do I send my GRE score to universities? The test fee covers the GRE scorecards for up to four colleges. Candidates who have chosen to take a computer-delivered exam will need to choose the score receivers at test center. The candidate must choose the score receivers if a paper-delivered type of test was chosen.

Score reports reflect both the official report you receive after passing the GRE as well as the reports you send to different universities. A ‘#39;ScoreSelect’ option allows you to choose the scores you wish to send to specific institutions. This system allows you to send the highest GRE scores. You can send scores to multiple universities, or order additional reports if you need them. Colleges won’t see scores until the entire application has been submitted.

How do I send official GRE scores to universities?

You can view the GRE scores within your ETS account if you are wondering how to send them to universities via ETS. Within 10-15 days of your test date, they will be sent to all universities. This is how it works:

  • Login and create an account with ETS.
  • Click on MY GRE homepage and choose send additional score reports. This option is available under the scores tab.
  • The option will be displayed on the screen: Test Registration.
  • After that, you have the option send additional score reports.

ETS scores can be used to select Most Recent or All scores from the past five year. This is possible for up to four universities completely free.

Sending GRE scores on the Test Day

Unofficial GRE scores for verbal sections and quantitative reasoning will be provided on the test day. Examiners evaluate analytical writing and publish the final GRE scores with the results within 10 to fifteen days. Your GRE result can be sent to up to four institutions with no fees. These institutions can be chosen after you have completed the test. To send scores, one doesn’t have to know the school codes. They will be displayed in the computer program.

After taking the test, send your GRE scores

The GRE scorecard is usually available within 10-15 days. The same can be sent after the test by using this method.

  • Log in or create an account on the ETS website to access your score reports.
  • You can apply online, by mail, or by fax.
  • Send your highest score of the last five year to your preferred institutions.

Your scores may be sent to the college before you submit your application. In this scenario, you don’t need mention that the scores have been sent. Your scores will be sent out before you make the decision. Be careful and take your time. Before appearing on the GRE, contact ETS if the recipient doesn’t have a listing. ETS will send scores reports from the GRE to four pre-chosen institutions.

If you submit Additional Scoring Reports for further institutions, it is possible to expect them to reach you within five working days. Application by mail or fax may take 10 business day. You will need to apply for reinstatement scores within two weeks. You need to allow time for scores submission before the deadline. GRE scores are usually sent out to candidates within 10-15 days of the test date. You will receive the scores electronically and they will appear in your ETS account. These scores can be obtained electronically by most institutions via the ETS Data Management platform or the server to server facility.


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