Mcdonaldization Of Society: Rationalization Of Work, Production, And Consumption

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From the dawn of the 20th-century to today, technological innovations that aim to benefit mankind have been constantly improving and growing. In order to provide fast food, the technology has evolved in the food industry. McDonald’s was the first fast-food chain to introduce the Speedee System Service. This system was used not only by the food industry but by the entire society. These days, students are more likely to use their phones or laptops to take care of schoolwork. Schools prefer this type of system as it is easier and requires less teacher supervision. The system was originally developed in a restaurant to achieve greater quantity and have technology replace human workers. It has been so successful that other sectors of society have adopted it. It has changed the way people receive services and they are now required to adapt. It has spread to all walks of society.

Although it has many advantages, the system of Mcdonaldization has many disadvantages when it comes to human quality of work and should be minimized from being used by the consumers.IntroductionThe concept of McDonaldization is a term coined by American sociologist George Ritzer. In his book McDonaldization of Society, he first described it. This is a method of rationalizing work, production, consumption. This concept became very popular in the latter half of the 20th century. Its purpose allows for more efficiency and consistency in work by eliminating unnecessary technology and equipment. It began in the fast-food industry. This is where the name of the concept, McDonald’s, was taken from. The idea of making food services more efficient and consistent has been adopted by many other sectors and institutions. It was an instant success for large corporations and multinationals, who incorporated the idea into their products. This allowed them to almost lose the ability to develop new ideas and ways. The producers were not the only ones to adopt this concept, but the consumers. Because they were initially introduced to this service, they took part in it. This was a new concept that amazed many people. This concept is almost certain to conquer our society, and it will soon trap us all.

If it spreads, this concept can have serious consequences. It can lead to dehumanizing environments and lower quality products and services. This system is very harmful and forces people to live in it. It is efficient, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is more efficient. The process by which products and services are made is not of the standard it should be. These qualities should be able to provide safety, greatness, skills, value, as well as greatness. A master of a sword can outskill ten untrained gunmen. This idea was brought to you by large companies that primarily wanted to make a lot of money and not serve the people best.

This creates a vacuum where everyone follows a routine from birth. Everybody should be worried about how it will affect their children. This has huge consequences in terms of food services. It leads to obesity, which is a result of people eating unhealthier foods. Unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a more susceptible body to various diseases. This problem is not only in the food industry, but in all aspects of society, including universities, police forces, military, and churches. This can have far more serious consequences than its benefits. While technology is constantly improving, we are also constantly evolving. However, the advances of society are gradually destroying our human natures and diminishing our humanity.

DiscussionMcDonaldization is the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world. This can lead to serious health problems for people and also cause a decline in the quality of work done by other workers. In today’s society, McDonald’s is gaining popularity due to its ability to complete tasks quickly. Customers can then move on to the next task, and they get the product, food, or service they want. A rationalized society places emphasis on order, routine, consistency, and discipline to ensure predictability. In return, this system gives you control over people and situations. This system comes with a drawback. Companies who use it simplify their products, which can lead to lower quality services. In the same way that the first food industry used, this system will allow companies to purchase cheaper food. The company can make more and faster meals. They use fewer ingredients to make the dish, but they also use fewer chemicals and preservatives to prolong the product’s shelf life and enhance its taste. This allows for healthier, fresher foods and a reduction in the restaurant quality.

McDonaldization is a phenomenon that can be seen in universities where students are expected to perform the same job as everyone else and pass the exam. In order to gain admission to the university, you will need pass entrance exams. These exams aren’t designed to test students’ intelligence and creativity, they only put them under pressure. Each semester is the same, with the same methods, same exams, same activities, and exactly the same environment for all students. Schools are there to help students achieve their goals. They don’t produce skilled, passionate, or talented students, but robots who will perform the same tasks in society as their predecessors.

McDonald’s dominates the world and has an effect on many different sectors of society. These consequences are real but not being seen by mainstream media or the public. It may not be obvious to everyone, but many people ignore it in order to pursue their own agendas. It is a threat to our safety and our foundation. Things don’t happen overnight. To become a great thing, a rock has to be broken down and heated for thousands of year. To make something amazing, it takes time and patience. We don’t do this just to have more. Quality is more important than quantity. Waiting to create meaningful, safer, better, and more high-quality products, programs, or individuals is well worth it.

McDonald’s has a goal to improve efficiency in work, products, or services. It began in the food business, but it has slowly spread to other areas of the society. It started as a way to attract customers, but eventually it became an ideology that was spread across society. It will have big implications for society, and especially for future generations. The world they live in will be automated and driven only by technical standards. A world that values quantity over quality. Our natural desire to have more will cause us to consume more of our society’s resources to produce less safe and lower-quality products and services. George Ritzer’s book, McDonaldization, describes how we believe that it will make everything better. The rule of thumb and traditional methods have been replaced by abstraction, predictability and control. It does not produce more, but it creates a vacuum which sucks all the qualities that make us human.

RecommendationRecommendations to enhance the findings of this study and to furthermore elaborate on the negative impacts of McDonaldization in our society.

Compare products that were manufactured by machines and handcrafted ones to observe the difference in quality.

You can test the chemical levels and factors in processed foods to ensure safety.

Stay informed about the latest news from around the world regarding large companies in the service and product industries and their future plans.

To increase the validity and reliability of the results and findings, create a diagram that is more precise about data from rationalized companies’ products and services.


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