How To Get Old GRE Scores (STEP-BY-STEP Guide)

Are you interested in sending your GRE scores out to institutions? When was the last time you took your GRE exam? You should verify whether your GRE scores have any validity if you don't plan to take another GRE. In this article, I'll show you how to get your previous scores.

Here are 3 facts about GRE scores

Your career prospects and academic goals will be affected if you have a high GRE score. These are three facts about GRE scores.

1. Scoring for Sections is possible

GRE scores are not averaged across all sections of the exam. Each section of the GRE test has a different scoring scale and points are awarded differently. There are three main parts to the GRE test:

  • Thinking with words
  • Critical Thinking Writing
  • Analyzing numerical data

Verbal reasoning as well as quantitative reasoning sections can be scored between 130 to 170.

The points are calculated on a one-point increment for each correct choice.

The scoring scale for analytical writing is from 0 to 6. This section requires that students write two essays. You can earn even half of a point. Expect scores of 4.5 and 5.5.

2. GRE Score Scoring Moderated for Difficulty

The ETS states that test takers' GRE scores depend on how well they answer a test [1]. You will score more points if you answer correctly.

ETS maintains a student database. Points are awarded based on how students perform on questions and topics.

GRE scores can be adjusted to compensate for students who fail in particular areas. This is so that all students have equal chances to apply at their preferred grad school.

3. GRE scores are only valid for five years

ETS will keep your GRE score for five years after you take it. GRE scores older than five-years old are not accepted by institutions. GRE scores below five years of age are valid.

How to get old GRE scores

You want to apply to graduate schools even though you have taken the GRE many years ago. Your old GRE scores can be used and sent to institutions.

Register on the ETS site to access your GRE scores. Follow the prompts for ordering your report after you've completed registration. Make sure you have the correct month, year and confirmation number for your previous test.

Send your report to institutions and individuals who require your scores.

There is a charge for every report that you create.

Click the "Additional Score report Request Form (PDF)," and you will be able to download it. You can only download your most recent scores.

If you forget the month, year or confirmation number, call ETS to ask for the report. Or, send it online.

Three steps to verify your old GRE scores

Verify your scores before you send or submit them. This can be done by using your ETS test date number. This guide will show you how to check your GRE scores.

1. Register at the ETS Website

Navigate to ETS's website and sign-up. You will need to fill out the necessary information: your name, birthdate and full name. Your Social Security Number will make it much easier.

2. Login information for Setup

Enter your login password and confirm it by entering it again. You can create a security quiz with an answer in the event that you forget your password.

Click on the checkbox and accept the ETS Terms of Service. Now you can use the site to verify your information.

3. Verify your GRE scores from the past

Enter your confirmation number or appointment number, followed by your name and month. Click the "Submit" button. Enter your billing information to verify. Finally, click the "OK" tab.

After you receive verification, you can either download the report or email it to institutions or individuals.

Do you have preferences on the old GRE scores?

Old GRE scores are not considered preferable. Institutions will compare your old GRE scores to ensure that they are valid for the same period.

How to get old GRE scores

It's possible that you are wondering if your GRE scores still have validity if you took the test years ago. The GRE scores are valid for five year, so you don't need to retake it.

Instead, send in your GRE scores to institutions.

Before applying to graduate school, make sure you verify your GRE score. You can apply once you have received verification of your GRE scores.


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