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The GRE test fee is not the only cost. It can also be customized. "How much is GRE?" is a good question to ask. The question "How much does it cost ?!")" is more common. This requires some context.

In most cases, the GRE costs $220. But, the GRE exam costs can be quite expensive. We'll dive into these fees to help you get an idea of what to expect.

What is the GRE's cost in 2023?

Let's start by defining the cost of the GRE exam.

China $231
India $228
All other parts $220

Below is a list of additional GRE special handling fee:

Rescheduling Fee (China) $53.90
Rescheduling Fee (All Other Areas of the World) $50
You can change your testing center fee $50

Also, the GRE may charge for certain scoring services:

Service The word "service" cannot be paraphrased, as it is a single word. COST
View Scores Online Liberated
Online Report of Official Examinee Score Without charge
GRE Diagnostic Service (GRE general test only) Complimentary
More Score Reports Original: Electronic Records Paraphrased: Digital Documents They cost thirty dollars apiece.
Question-and Answer Review Service — Sections for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning (available only to residents of New York) $50
Score Review of Analytical Writing Measure $60
Score Reinstatement Fee $50

While the information is applicable to the GRE General Test only, it does not apply to subject tests. These are the fees that you need to know:

All GRE Subject Exams (worldwide) $150
Late Registration Fee (online only) $25
Testing while in standby mode $50
Rescheduling fee $50
Changing Your Testing Center $50
You can change your subject test $50
Online viewing of scores No charge
Online Report of Official Test Scores No cost
Requests for Additional Score Reports (ASR) — per recipient Each cost thirty dollars.
Review of the Score $50
Score Reinstatement Fee $50

What is the cost of taking the GRE at your home?

The GRE can now be taken at home in an exciting twist to events. This is also in response the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more about how you can take the GRE online.

All fees for taking the GRE home test are the same as those paid at testing centers. If you need more information about the GRE, here are some FAQs.

A voucher can be used to pay for the GRE online, just like you did in person.

GRE cost with study materials

GRE prep is more expensive for most people who opt to do more than simply sign up. The infographic below will help you understand the extra costs that may be involved when taking the GRE.

  • GRE cost to the lean self-studyr (Cost $20)

One book can be purchased and you can learn a lot for under $20. This is an excellent plan for book learners who have limited budgets. This route is not for everyone. You can see our GRE Book Reviews to find the best one for you.

  • Cost of the GRE for ambitious self-studyr (Costs: $150 – $200)

You will need to have a lot of resources if you are serious about succeeding. I highly recommend any of these eight Manhattan GRE practice tests or books, as well as Barron's 6 GRE Practice Problems and Magoosh Math + Verbal.

  • GRE cost to the classroom plan: $2,300

GRE prep can be significantly cheaper if you take free classes at some colleges. You must be enrolled at the college to take advantage of these classes. The classes seem to be bare-bones, according to my experience. You can also take Manhattan, Kaplan, or Princeton Review courses to increase the cost of your GRE.

  • Private tutors can take the GRE for $500 to $5,000

The classroom format can seem confusing if you don't like the mix of tutors and students. Bob, who you can find on Craigslist for $20/hr has only taken the SAT once but never took the GRE. He will tell you that he excels at math and show you all of his "tricks."

Another option is to find a tutor who has 15 years of experience and has hundreds positive testimonials. The tutor with 15 years of experience may charge you $150/hour. Private tuition through MGRE and Kaplan may be more costly.

  • GRE Cost for a Class + Private Tutor: $2,000-$9,000

This is the path for you if your ambitions are high and you have a lot of money. It's not always a good idea, even though it is costly. I've heard students spend upwards $6,000 and only see their scores increase by a single percentage point.

If you truly need to score high and your performance is improving every month, this plan might be worth considering.

GRE test scores will vary depending on your personal preferences. We recommend self-study. If you don't feel like that is enough, or you only have an hour of study per week, then consider taking classes or hiring a tutor. Expect to pay much more at that point.


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