How Long Does It Take To Get & Send GRE Scores?

We examine how long it takes for GRE scores to be received and how you can send them.

After months of preparation for the GRE and then the stress of exam day, people are eager to find out when their scores will be available. It's an honest question after weeks or months of torture. What is the average time it takes to receive your official GRE score? We have the answer in this comprehensive guide.

Overview of GRE Scoring

GRE is made up of multiple sections. Based on how well the test taker did in the first section, it will determine how difficult the subsequent sections. The raw score is the score you receive for each question. A process called 'equating" is used to calculate a scaled score.

The scoring range for Analytical Writing is 0 to 6. Quantitative and Verbal sections score between 130 and 170. Each section is scored individually and the high 150s are the average score for both the Quantand the Verbal sections.

What is the average time it takes to receive GRE scores?

After you complete the assessment at your test center, you can access your official GRE scores for both the verbal and quantitative sections. You simply need to choose to report them.

Analytical writing is scored differently. You'll be able view these scores and the full score report within 10-15 working days of your test date

How to send GRE scores to schools

To take the ETS exam, you must create an account with the Educational Testing Service. After you have viewed your unofficial scores from the Verbal and Quant sections, the next step is to select four institutions to send your scores to.

If you have taken this exam multiple times, then you can also view scores from previous five years. You can send scores from the current test or from any previous exam to up to four schools. The school codes will allow you to easily search the ETS system.

The initial test fee doesn't cover sending scores to other institutions. This is why it's so important to prioritize the schools you want to apply to first.

What is the average time it takes to send GRE scores?

Approximately 10-15 days following the completion of your GRE, an email notification will be sent to you indicating that your score reports are being sent to your schools. These are designated Score Recipients.

What is the cost to send scores?

Participants can send their scores directly to the four schools they choose with the initial fee of $200+. However, you can still send scores to other schools after the test. You can order additional score reports online through your ETS account.

A $30 per report is required. Scores can be valid up to five years from the date of your test. It is important to remember that scores are not transferable immediately.

More information about the GRE

The exam consists of three sections: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. These sections assess your ability to handle graduate-level course work.

Section on Analytical writing

You will be given 60 minutes to complete the Analytical writing section. These tasks require that you analyze an argument and then analyse an issue. This skill is the essay part of the assessment. It allows you to express your ideas clearly on complicated topics.

Section verbal

The verbal reasoning section requires two sections to be completed in 60 minutes. Each section is composed of six text completion questions as well as four sentence equivalence questions.

It is intended to assess the student's ability and knowledge to read and understand written material.

Text completion and sentence equivalence are questions in a fill in-the-blank format. While the reading comprehension section asks participants read passages to answer questions.

Quant Section

You will have one hour and ten minutes to complete 40 questions from the Quantitative reasoning section.

Quantitative Comparison Questions ask testers for information to help them compare two quantities, and then determine the relationship.

Problem solving will allow you to see traditional multiple-choice question with five choices and one correct answer . You can choose to answer the question in a variety of ways, such as "select all applicable" or "enter an numeric solution."

Conclusion Thoughts

GRE is the key component of graduate school applications. It's time-consuming, but it proves your ability to be ready for any graduate programs.

Not only does it show institutions you are capable of working at graduate level, but may help your application stand apart from the rest. Although it can be nerve-wracking to wait for your scores after the initial test, you can still get an idea of how your performance was based on the informal score report that was provided at the end.

It is a costly test but participants can rest easy knowing that they can retake the test and that scores from previous five years can still be reported.

What are the most frequently asked questions?

What is the average time it takes to get your GRE score?

You can view your scores for the quantitative and verbal sections immediately after you have completed the exam. Within 10-15 days after the exam, you will receive the complete score report and the results of the analytical writing section.

What is the validity of GRE scores?

GRE scores will be valid for five years from the date of completion, provided they are not cancelled. This allows for plenty of time to retake the exam and take gap years.

What is the best way to send GRE scores?

You will receive your official GRE score once you've designated four schools for them to be sent to. They are automatically and instantly sent. It's very simple. ETS allows you to search for schools that you want to send scores to.


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