Analysis Of Julie Orringer Book, Note To Sixth-grade Self

“Note to Sixth Grade Self” is a story about a narrator who gains strength and confidence over the course. Patricia and Cara, two popular school girls, bully the narrator. They make the whole school hate the narrator, and she has to fight for her rights. She is continually in a vulnerable place and no one will assist her. This gives her confidence and allows her to rise up. The harsh reality of reality is that she will not be helped by anyone, especially when popular girls turn on her. She realizes that her fragile state won’t last forever and that she will be mentally stronger.

Patricia and Cara have been putting down her narrator for quite some time, but nearly nobody will stand up to her. Eric, a boy who appeared to sympathize with her, refused to publicly support the narrator until the end. Eric gifted her a dress and apologised for it. Eric shows empathy for the narrator by buying her a gift and connecting with her. He doesn’t want to be judged by his surroundings. Eric understands Eric’s viewpoint and he apologizes. The narrator is now aware that Eric has chosen not to publicly associate with him. Either she will be strong and stand up for her self or let the mean girls harm her more. The narrator decides she will be strong and resist bullies in her future. This seemed like a nice gesture, but it was actually a nasty prank. Nearly twenty minutes later, the narrator arrives at the mall and waits for Patricia or Cara. Soon, she discovers the truth of the situation and says that she is now in Uptown Square. Visit Maison Blanche… (84). The narrator realises that Patricia, Cara and her friend are not coming. She had been tricked. The narrator realizes that Patricia and Cara are not coming. She has tricked her. The narrator could have fallen apart and cried a few months ago. However, this time, she chooses to use the opportunity and make it a positive experience. She gained self-confidence, strength, and resilience as she didn’t break down as often as she might have in the past.

The story shows how the narrator transforms from being timid and submissive to becoming a strong, independent person. She is disappointed at the lack of support she receives, but refuses to be defeated. Instead, she starts to defend herself. She learns to be strong even when Patricia or Cara aren’t there. Instead of getting emotional and crying, the narrator is able to take advantage of the situation. As evidenced by her choices in dealing with Eric, Patricia, and Cara, there is some progress.


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