6 FREE GRE Practice Resources

It is never too late to consider a Master’s Degree. Some experts consider a master’s degree to be “the new undergraduate degree.” The GRE is required to earn a graduate diploma. You can download 6 free GRE study resources if you are taking the GRE. Use them to help you study and prepare for the test.

1. Powerprep Online is the best free GRE practice resource

You’ll want to keep the official test material for the final exam. ETS, which is the creator of the GRE offers 2 free tests to test-takers (yes, it’s free! You can take practice tests online that will give you an indication of how the real GRE. Make sure you practice under real conditions in order to get the best results. Here are some tips:

  • The test can be completed in one sitting
  • Each section should be completed in a specific time frame
  • For the math section, you will need a calculator as well as plain white scratchpaper.
  • Use your phone only to search for words in the verbal sections.
  • Compose the essays!

2. All GRE Argument and Topic Topics

Are you concerned about GRE essays? Learn all you can about the GRE argument and topic topics. This includes all the possible argument topics. These lists will be the best place to find answers for essay questions. These are the best ways to use them.

  • You can read them all
  • You can choose from 10-20 different essay topics in different formats
  • We will show you how to outline the majority of the essays.
  • Write one essay per week for the duration of your study

It is important to outline your essay clearly in order to write a thoughtful and well-organized essay. It will also help to reduce anxiety before the GRE. The essays are an important section of the GRE. They can be stressful and will often impact your mood and attitude about the rest.

Just jot down what you think when outlining. You can use as few as two words. Next, give 3 examples or reasons to support your opinion. That’s it! You can be sure that this tiny step will make an enormous difference to the organization and cohesion in your essays.

3. Questions for Official GRE-ETS Paper Practice

This is the final piece of material that the GRE makers have left. The paper-based GRE includes a full-length practice exam that you can print out and use. It is ideal for people who have limited time or want to practice a little.

4. McGraw-Hill GRE Exam Simulation

McGraw-Hill’s online test allows you to practice more. It’s a solid test in terms of quality, and is ideal for anyone who needs more online practice. This test should not be divided. You can use the paper test for this. This test will help you build stamina while you go through an endless series of verbal and quantitative sections.

5. Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Exam Free

Manhattan’s GRE test is free and so reliable that we recommend purchasing a 6 pack. After you have covered all concepts and practiced the concepts on paper, you will need to take additional tests. You’ll pass all these tests in test conditions, and you will be ready to go for the exam.

6. Kaplan GRE Root Words Quizlet

Quizlet is our favorite! It’s much more efficient than creating flashcards that you can use to recall concepts. We don’t recommend students memorizing vocabulary. But, the GRE is an exam that tests vocabulary.

It is best to study the root words of words rather than the definitions. The root word can be used to approximate its meaning, and you can then use the elimination process to determine the correct answer.

This quizlet can be a great resource for learning root words. The Learn, Test, Match, and Match modes are our favorite for remembering these roots.


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