Summary Of Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell

Scarlett O’Hara was a young girl who lived in Atlanta during Civil War time. Margaret Mitchell’s book Gone With The Wind is filled with Drama-filled romance. She wants to return home to Tara, the place she grew up in. Because almost all of the plantations are gone, she has difficulty living in Tara and is having trouble paying the taxes.

Scarlett O’Hara is a daughter of a wealthy, southern family. Ashley Wilkes is her true love. He loves her, but he doesn’t feel that she is truly in love with him. So he marries his cousin to try to have a happy marriage. Scarlett is jealous about Ashley’s marriage and marries Melanie Hamilton, Ashley’s brother. Scarlett marries Wade, her now deceased husband, to have a baby boy. Melanie is going to Atlanta for the Union’s burning of the city. Melanie decides she will leave Atlanta. They leave Atlanta to return to Scarlett’s plantation, “Tara”. They leave Atlanta and return to Scarlett’s family plantation “Tara”. Scarlett, a beautiful woman, has all the men that she loves. Ashley, her long-loved man, will marry Melanie. Scarlett must behave well at Twelve Oaks, warns Mammy. That day there is a new male and that is the day civil war starts. Rhett Butler is with Scarlett as Ashley talks to him about his love for her. However, he cannot be with her since he doesn’t believe that she is old enough nor does he believe she knows what love really is. Scarlett doesn’t realize Rhett Butler is there with them at the time. Charles Hamilton Melanie proposes to Scarlett to be married to him as war is beginning. Ashley hopes that Scarlett will envy her decision. Scarlett marries Charles during the last 2 months. Charles then goes on to fight for The Confederate in war. Scarlett discovers Charles is dead from measles, and she then discovers that she’s pregnant. Scarlett becomes depressed and bored after giving birth to Wade. Melanie and Melanie stay with Melanie’s aunt Pittypat in Atlanta. Scarlett finds it a great place to live and begins to appreciate Rhett more. Scarlett is driven mad by Rhett’s mockery and directness. Atlanta is starving as the war rages. Scarlett’s and Melanie’s safety are their greatest fears. Ashley is captured at Gettysburg and taken to prison. As the Yankee army closes in on Atlanta, they begin closing in. Scarlett longs to be home with Tara but has promised Ashley she would stay with Melanie while she gives birth.

Scarlett asks Rhett to marry her and Scarlett responds “oh yeah”. Scarlett is married to Rhett after a honeymoon at New Orleans. Scarlett is a mother to Bonnie Butler. Rhett grows to love his daughter and starts a successful campaign that aims to bring back Atlanta’s good people. It keeps Bonnie out of being an outcast, like Scarlett. Rhett and Scarlett are happy at the start of Rhett’s marriage. But Rhett soon becomes very bitter towards Scarlett. Scarlett loses the affection she had once for Ashley. Ashley’s jealous older sister India discovers that they have become friends and begins a rumor of an affair. Scarlett is surprised to find that Melanie accepts Scarlett’s side and denies the rumors. Scarlett and Bonnie Rhett lose their daughter in an accident while horseback riding. Rhett is devastated and the marriage becomes unstable. Scarlett realizes that Ashley was not her true love and that Rhett is the one she truly loves. Rhett is still sad and tells Scarlett that it’s been a long time since he had a relationship with her. He then leaves. Scarlett does not know what to do. Scarlett decides that she will return home to Tara, where Mammy, Scarlett’s childhood slave and nurse is waiting for her, and try to figure out a way Scarlett could get Rhett.

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